Recharge HR Philadelphia Oct 20 2016: HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) - Extending SAP SuccessFactors with Apps - Thorsten Leiduck, Nakisa & Comcast

Version 3

    Deploy Innovative Apps to Extend SAP SuccessFactors using SAP HANA Cloud Platform

    Thorsten Leiduck, SAP

    Ian Latulippe, Nakisa

    Jeffrey Massa, Comcast



    Businesses today are rapidly adopting SAP SuccessFactors to transform their corporate human resources functions. While many have begun this transformational journey, others are formulating their first steps. Achieving this transformation journey at a lower cost, greater speed and higher quality is paramount on the journey to SAP SuccessFactors. During this session you will learn why SAP Partners are enabling innovations utilizing SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and how these extension solutions can help to drive lower costs, provide greater agility, and enable you to maximize your SAP SuccessFactors solutions.