Recharge HR Philadelphia Oct 20 2016: Pathways to a Future Technology State - Randy Houck, Epi-Use

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    Pathways to a Future Technology State

    Traditionally, it's never been an easy decision to determine to to best run one's business with they myriad software options, platforms, and technologies available, as well as considering the effects of these decisions on people and processes. With the moe to cloud-based platforms, these decisions now focuse on the business processes and how they can be simplifed, impoved and become friendlier in a new, cloud-based infastructure. So how do you get there from here? This session explores the various, common starting points, the end states possible, the pros and cons of the various pathways and decisions, and the tools and technologies one can utilize in this journey. In this session, we will discuss 1. The systems and plaftorms from which many customers start their journey 2. The various cloud-based destinations 3. The pros and cons of the various pathways 4. The tools and technologies available As input to this session, we will ask participants to complete a survey indicating where they are on this journey, sharing details for where they are starting and where they might be heading. These results will be used to present and moderate a more-focused session and active dialog.