5926: Hands-On: Interactive Influence: SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

Version 2

    5926: Hands-On: Interactive Influence: SAP BusinessObjects Cloud  - You've heard about SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, now let's really learn what it can do. In this extended hands-on session, create interactive, attractive reports from scratch using SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. Build geospatial, predictive, and planning functionality into your stories. Discuss with the SAP product owners the road map and future direction. (Note: Participation in this session requires that you bring your own device to access the cloud-based hands-on exercises.)<p><b><i><font color=”gray”>Hands-on sessions require pre-registration. Pre-registered attendees must be in their seat more than five minutes prior to the session start time. Five minutes prior to the start time, all empty seats will be released.</p></b></i></font> - Ty Miller, SAP;  Judge, SAP; Jacob Stark, SAP Labs