It’s Not Over Yet! What We Learned and What’s Next

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    Getting More Value from Your SAP Support Investment: 12-Episode Webcast Series

    Everything you always wanted (and need) to know about your SAP Support but did not know who to ask.

    ASUG and SAP are both very committed to helping SAP customers drive maximum benefit from their investments in SAP Support. As such, we are pleased to invite you to this twelve-episode webcast series beginning July 14.

    In this series, you will receive insights from SAP experts on how to leverage the services and tools available through your support investment in SAP to enhance your current landscapes and optimize your upcoming projects. We’ll show you how to tap into the resources available to you today for advancing business and technical enablement of your end-to-end operations.

    We’ll break down the “Top 10” ways to get the most out of your current investment. So drop by for this virtual Lunch-and-Learn series, and learn how to best unlock the value of SAP Support.

    It's Not Over Yet! What We Learned, and What's Next

    In the past eleven episodes, we took you through the various ways to get more value from support. We gained a lot from this journey, received great feedback, and now, we want to share with you in this open forum what we learned and what’s next. Join us to discuss your thoughts and feedback about the series, what you would like to see and hear about in future sessions, and what we can do moving forward to help you get more out of your SAP support investment.

    Bring your questions and we will help you get them answered!

    Paul Kurchina,ASUG
    VerNeil Mesecher,SAP
    Kristen Scheffler,SAP

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