SAP BI: Key aspects of designing fault-tolerance BO system

Version 1

    SAP BI is one of the popular BI system and has lot of production installs across the globe. It is a stable platform and gets simpler and better at every release with the new 4.x Architecture. There are lot of documents and guides on configuring BI system with methodology that proved to stand against time. So what is this blog for?

    Well this series is for SAP BI / BO Administrator and Architects to understand the components needed in designing a truly fault-tolerance BO system outside the eco-system. This involves the Hardware, Software, the Network, Infrastructure and the other components that the typical BI Administrator does not get to work on. It also provides holistic overview of the things that are done by System Administrators, Infrastructure Administrator and DBA’s and some things to look for if you are designing one or planning to talk to other teams to get your BI implementation just right.

    Parts of BO system

    The BO system consists of the following essential components. The diagram has been simplified for the purpose of understanding.

    In each layer of the component there are lot of configuration and components involved from Infrastructure to Application layer. Let’s go from basic to the application for each of the component.



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