What ASUG Members Are Saying About Their Digital Transformation Journeys

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    Please join ASUG’s China Martens as she presents the results of the first-ever ASUG member survey on change and digital transformation.

    The pace and types of change ASUG members and other SAP customers have to deal with today are unprecedented. In order to thrive (and survive), companies must be able to rethink their businesses in the face of an uncertain future. Across every industry, the traditional ways of doing business are shifting or have already been irrevocably changed.


    Digital transformation is being presented as a way for organizations to rethink their businesses so they can not only respond to change but they can lead that change.


    Polling members over a two-month period from April to June of this year, the ASUG change and digital transformation survey drew complete responses from more than 460 ASUG members across a wide range of industries.


    In her presentation, China will share what ASUG members are saying about key questions including:


    ·    What is the number-one driver of change and disruption impacting my organization?
    ·    What is the number-one action I need to take to address that change and disruption?
    ·    What do I see as the level of urgency needed to react to that change?
    ·    How do I describe digital transformation?
    ·    What stage is my organization at in thinking about digital transformation?
    ·    What is the planned scope of my digital transformation strategy?
    ·    What is the goal of my digital transformation strategy?
    ·    Who is leading my digital transformation strategy versus who should be leading that strategy?
    ·    Which SAP technology do I see as helping to enable digital transformation?


    During the webcast, we will also be sharing information about the ASUG Digital Transformation Program and other relevant content including the recently published ASUG and DSAG Digital Transformation White Paper.


    Please join us for what is sure to be a lively and informative webcast. We welcome your questions and feedback on all aspects of our digital transformation survey.


    China Martens, ASUG