SAP BI Platform Geeks Tweaks – Security Best practices

Version 1

    This is a follow up document for the Geek Tweaks series of SAP BI Platform and provides some best practices on managing and configuring security in BI Platform with some real life scenarios. Read the Geek Tweaks SAP BI Platform – Geek Tweaks | SCN


    Configuring External groups in BI Platform

    BI Platform support integration to external platform including SAP R/3 for Authentication and Authorization. Most of the time the Authorization groups are managed at the third party system like Windows Active Directory or SAP R/3 and consumed in BOBJ by assigning access to the resources.

    The best practice to configure access to external groups is by using nested group.  Assign the external group as part of an Enterprise BOBJ group and assign the access to the enterprise group.



    This way when the external integration is disabled or when the external system is changed, all the access remains intact for the resources and only the external group have to be added as member of the Enterprise group.


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