Meet Your New Digital Workforce, Chatbots for the Enterprise

Version 4

    Imagine how much more productive your workforce could be if each employee had a virtual assistant to complete time-consuming tasks in enterprise systems. Now, imagine if employees could use natural language to message or speak to that assistant to get reports, configure alerts, enter data, or execute workflows.

    Advances in natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence have made that scenario a reality today. Through SMS, email, messaging and enterprise social platforms, your workforce can direct chatbots, commonly called “Bots”, to automate and execute SAP tasks their behalf. Analysts at IDC say this type of technology will become “ubiquitous over the next five years, and will fuel a massive reengineering of the workplace, making it more responsive, agile and able to facilitate data-driven decision making in all areas of businesses.”


    Sam Lakkundi, CIO and SVP, Kore Inc.
    Chris Crone, ASUG


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