The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself: Embracing Change & Seizing the Opportunity of the Digital Transformation

Version 2

    Industries are advancing at light speed and it takes a near demi-god to keep up with it! Change isn’t always easy, and without very strategic plans, clear communication, a transparent roadmap and the cultural support of all employees from the shop floor to the top floor most change will be destined to fail. Join renowned Chief Information Officer, Keith Sturgill of Eastman Chemical as he shares his perspective on Digital Transformation. Keith will share how Eastman and others are embracing the advancements being put forth by technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and how they are seizing opportunities that are rapidly emerging from an industry that is rapidly digitizing.

    From developing an optimized supply chain, to enabling real-time transparency from when raws are procured, through the production process to when they are purchased and then ultimately delivered to the customer. Hear how for the first time in the industry’s history - leaders and management from every function in the business can accurately, and in real-time pivot and make efficiency and profitability driven decisions to propel the company.

    To Keith, it’s not about technology, it’s about business value - technology is just there to support!


    Keith R. Sturgill is Vice President & CIO, Information Technology and Corporate Six Sigma for Eastman Chemical Company.


    He is responsible for the strategy, use and delivery of information technology services to Eastman’s global businesses. He is also responsible for driving improvements and productivity across Eastman through the widespread use of Six Sigma methods and leadership.


    Keith is a native of Wise, Virginia.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Virginia Tech and is a graduate of the Tuck Executive program at Dartmouth College.  He has served in various roles in multiple IT associations including America’s SAP User Group.


    Keith joined Eastman in 1986 as a systems analyst.  He has had various and growing responsibilities around implementation of enterprise wide technologies that have significantly impacted the strategies and bottom line of Eastman. In July 2007, he was promoted to VP and Chief Information Officer.


    Keith lives in Kingsport, Tennessee with his wife, Linda.