Mastering Xcelsius Filtered Rows (Episode 5 of 7)

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    This option to filter data was a game changer for SAP BO Dashboards/Xcelsius and helps to eliminate the need for many formulas.  We will cover how the filtered row option works both in direct filtering and also in behind the scenes “hidden” filtering.


    Roxanne Pittman, InfoSol Inc.

    Roxanne is a Senior BI Consultant and has been with InfoSol for 11 years now. In addition to being a multi-certified instructor in reporting, universe and dashboard design, Roxanne has experience working with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant in the deployment of business intelligence solutions across the United States as well as in Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Roxanne’s passion for exciting data visualizations earned her the title of D-Va: Dashboard Visualization Artist, working with Xcelsius since 2006, Dashboards 4.x and most recently HTML5 dashboards using InfoBurst Apps.


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