Ready or Not, Digital Is Your Business - What SAP Customers Need to Know

Version 3

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    There’s a technology-enabled business revolution occurring right now that knows no borders and seemingly has no limits. It’s the future of business on steroids. It represents the conversion of everything we know into ones and zeros: Digits that move across the globe at lightning speed connecting people and businesses in new, innovative, and ground-breaking ways. This revolution has come to be known as Digital Transformation.

    Join Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) CEO Geoff Scott for an exciting conversation on how the world’s largest technology community thinks and responds to digital transformation - both the tremendous opportunities that it affords as well as some of the substantial challenges it potentially poses.


    During this session, you will also learn how you can join ASUG’s exciting new Digital Transformation program and utilize the power of the ASUG network on your Digital Transformation journey.




    Geoff Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Americas’ SAP Users” Group (ASUG)