The Smarter Warehouse: Simply Do More!

Version 1

    It is time to raise the bar associated with the technology available in the warehouse for Wholesale Distributors. Using tablets and smart phones designed for Apple iOS, Google Droid and Microsoft, warehouse personal can take advantage of a data rich, highly responsive, visually appealing, and technically secure platform that enables the warehouse worker to simply do more.  A few examples of doing more in the warehouse with SAP Business One using tablets and smart phones include: adding notes and pictures to a Goods Receipt transaction, sharing images and text about damaged goods, scaning a bin location and get a detailed listing of all of the items within that bin on a clear and easy-to-read tablet screen. In addition, the Warehouse Manager can tap into analytics to gain better visibility into order fill rates, transaction status and employee utilization, or open a secure Skype session with Customer Service to discuss a problem with an order being picked right now.



    Neil Swanson, Achieve IT Solutions

    Daryl Goodman, Achieve IT Solutions