SAP S/4HANA Extension and Custom Code Management

Version 2

    Deploying SAP S/4HANA is an opportunity to re-visit your extension and custom code strategy for your organization. For a successful adoption journey, you need to understand how to manage legacy custom code, and the new tools available to get the business and power users involved in customizations. In this webinar we will:

    - Learn the basic strategies for dealing with legacy custom code
    - See the new Key User In-Application Extensibility Tools
    - Understand when to use External Extensibility with the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)


    Carl Dubler, with SAP Product Management team

    Carl Dubler is a Director of Product Marketing for SAP S/4HANA. With an IT career stretching back to the late 1980s, he has done nearly every role in the business. In his nine years at SAP, he also managed SAP’s first commercially-available cloud product and first cloud product on HANA.