It's All About Leadership: Management Versus Leadership

Version 2

    Am I a manager or a Leader? Is it possible to be both?

    Leadership: Everything rises and falls with leadership; leadership is not a position, leadership is influence.

    The highest form of leadership is self-leadership and the most essential component of leadership is adding value to others. Leadership often means different things to different people around the world and different things in different situations. Regardless of where one is positioned within an organization, a highly effective leader is a person who does the following 3 key things: creates an inspiring vision of the future, motivates, navigates and inspires people to engage with that vision, and coaches, mentors and empowers a team to achieve the shared vision.

    In this specially developed 3 part SIG series with Diana Wood, certified independent coach with The John Maxwell Team, we will look at this much discussed personal skill. This will help you to hone, focus and enhance your skill but be effective to inspire yourself, peers and others to reach for and obtain “WOW” results in their personal and professional life.

    Session 1:  Management versus Leadership
    - Leadership Defined and Compared
    - Leadership Lid
    - The top 5 levels of Leadership;
      1. Position
      2. Permission
      3. Production
      4. People Development
      5. Pinnacle

    John Choate, Global Solutions
    Diana Wood, The Maxwell Group

    Watch online here.


    1. Do you have any advice for leading virtual teams where the leader and team members are unlikely to see each other face-2-face more than once per year?

    When working with virtual teams it is essential to make intentional and consistent communication pulse checks to ensure that your team members feel included at all times. I would highly recommend that you consider using video conferencing as much as possible when talking 1-to-1 and in team meetings. I lived this world with team members in Bangalore, London, Taiwan and in all three time zones across the US. Our weekly team meetings were over video regardless of the diverse time zone scenario. . .team members just called in from their homes. Although highly inconvenient I would host 1-2-1s with my international team members from my home office over desktop video conferencing. Using  your company’s Unified Communications system, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Vidyo they all have tools could serve you in serving your team well. (Please note that I am not promoting a particular service offering, only listing a few of the solutions that I used for example reference.) What is great is that because I held my meetings with my team members using video conferencing for all conversations they in turn followed this model and communicated with each other over video. 

    2. How do you promote leadership values within your team when your work group is pressured under traditional management practices….


    I know this is a tough situation. As a leader, all eyes are on you and as you know how you work with and handle your surroundings truly defines you. What better way to distinguish yourself as an exceptional leader than to respect the corporate institution you work for (whether you agree with their practices or not) AND at the same time within your team promote, represent, and teach leadership values. If I may share a personal experience where my team and I had this very same scenario - collectively we acknowledged and respected the corporation and it’s practices yet we as a team sustained and exemplified leadership values both within our team and also to everyone outside our team we worked with. It was this action that created amazing partnerships with key business units we worked with on a regular basis. My team members still reach to me and comment how thankful they are for the environment that we created and sustained in our leadership approach. Be strong, hold your image, great question. I hope this helps. 


    3. What’s the worst fault a leader can have?


    The worst fault a leader can have is to function without integrity, live in a world of entitlement, not advanced past the “position” leadership level and not value and empower his/her team members.