SAP CoE Webcast Series Part 1 of 8: The COE: From Inception to Maturity - Thrive After Go-Live Webcast Materials

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    This is part one of our eight part webcast series that will run until ASUG SAPPHIRE Orlando 2016. During this webcast we will also share with you the exciting programming that we have lined up for our ASUG SAP Center or Excellence ( CoE)  Program for 2016. We have a lot of exciting things planned in 2016 that will help you improve your SAP CoE.

    Creating and deploying a Center of Excellence in an SAP environment is an endeavor that must be embraced and supported by enterprise senior management. Thus, the concept must be sold in a fashion that will lead to a viable and attractive project plan that will cover all five levels of enterprise maturity:  1) Core SAP, in which the enterprise software implementation is fully completed, 2) Stable SAP, in which the enterprise applications, end users, and business stakeholders are all stabilized and effective, 3) the Center of Excellence Defined with an architecture that conforms to enterprise aims, 4) the Center of Excellence is operational, and 5) the Center of Excellence is in full evolutionary mode and at the heart of your firm’s evolution.


    Attendees will:


    - Receive experience-based advice on proposing a Center of Excellence evolutionary path to senior management that will not only be accepted but will be fully embraced as a means to accelerating enterprise evolution with a business-centric agenda and SAP as a key enabler

    - be introduced to a maturity path from raw go-live to a business-centric Center of Excellence
    - will identify impediments to SAP excellence and how to overcome them

    Michael Doane , ProQ
    Paul Kurchina, ASUG Community Advocate

    Watch online here.