SAP Vision for Enterprise Cloud on S/4 Hana

Version 1

    Hello All,

    Welcome back HANA Cloud Readers. Thanks for all your tremendous support last year! This year I will be more focus on SAP HANA Offerings along with their business benefits.

    SAP is currently working with all its Implementation Partner to deliver SAP  Cloud Solutions on S/4 HANA in secure private environment on subscription basis.  Under this program, they will deliver all Cloud services on SAP Business 4 HANA to speed transition to Cloud and add to On-Premise Solution as well.

    Here how it works overall..

    SAP Delivers Cloud Solutions in Private Cloud mode via SaaS model. In that Model, Any enterprise can consume SAP Solution with help of Trusted Partners in Additional functionalities in areas of healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing either in Pre-defined format or Customized way depends on Partners core skills set.

    In above process. Enterprise receive unique, prebuild solution as-a service from Partners. This also lead to easier logistics when it comes to solution adoption. Partner managed cloud lets business process one transaction with single partner rather than multiple. Partner manager Cloud solution allows enterprise to invest as a operational expenses instead of Capital expenses which can bring down Enterprise TCO.

    Once Partner will take care of IT Solution, Enterprise can turn their attentions to their core business and leverage the solution simply to address their most pressing business needs.

    SAP Cloud Solutions fits to all type of Enterprise whether its big or small. They are rapidly moving into Cloud offering by leveraging the power of the Partner eco-systems. Partner Managed cloud can e deployed in conjunction with Companies Existing Enterprise application in a Hybrid Model.


    Manish Mundra