Test Smarter, Not Harder & Gain Operational Efficiency

Version 1

    Go-to market efficiencies may be achieved in many different ways, with testing being one of them.  Join us to take you on a journey to review the steps necessary to help you achieve: Operational Efficiencies, Risk Reduction and Enable Test Related Efficiencies, with one of the goals being to help your organization Run SAP Like a Factory.

    Journey with us as we review tried and true test strategies that will help your organization develop/implement an effective test strategy for your organization, implement a reusable/repeatable test framework, help the team to focus on areas of change vs. testing everything or testing too little and help reduce time to market delays, whether for projects, upgrades, enhancements or normal break/fix releases.

    Heiko Hecht, IBIS America
    Clyde Ford, IBIS America

    Watch recording online here: Enable Test Framework: Test Smarter, Not Harder & Gain Operational Efficiency

    Download recording here: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/jive-attachments/Large+On24+Webcast+Files+(%3E150MB)/Enable+Test+Framework%3A+Test+Sm…