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    RECHARGE HR - LEAD - November 12, 2015


    “Hire only the best and brightest” has been a rallying cry in business for some 50 years, and yet experts consistently report job failure rates of 20% to 40% for both recruited hires and internal promotions. In some industries and functional areas of business, annual turnover exceeds 100%, and Gallup reports that only 30% of the U.S. workforce is positively engaged when on the job. All this, despite the fact that billions of dollars are spent each year on employee assessments ranging from personality, IQ, and critical thinking tests, to aptitude and emotional intelligence surveys. Meanwhile, a vast array of training and team building programs produce temporary performance improvement, but not lasting change. What’s missing?


    In 1984, my research colleague and I set out to find an answer to the question “What really happens when people team together?” Twenty-five years of research and testing, including nine years of software development, produced a completely new technology engineered to identify and organize the ways in which people interact in teams.


    It turns out that team success requires more than strategies, plans, processes, and person-to-person collaboration. The true source of engagement and meaningful work comes from the relationship that each team member forms with team itself, as a living entity. And when the fundamental elements of teaming are understood and applied, wonderful things begin to happen.


    This presentation will address the history, methods, and real-world business results that comprise a new technology and discipline of team analysis and management — including some short interactive exercises.



    Janice Presser

    Dr. Janice Presser, Co-Founder and CEO of The Gabriel Institute, is a behavioral scientist and the architect of the technology that powers Teamability®. She has devoted most of her working life to the study of team interaction in its many forms, and is an authority in the measurement of individual and group teaming behaviors.


    Dr. Presser served on SHRM’s Human Capital Assessment/Metrics Special Expertise Panel, the Taskforce on Workforce Planning, and the Taskforce on Metrics and Measurements. She is also Contributing Editor for Selection in ELLA®, the Employment Labor Law Audit. She tweets as @DrJanice, networks on LinkedIn, and blogs at DrJanice.wordpress.com. In addition to her CEO and spokesperson duties, she also leads TGI’s technology strategy and deployment programs.


    Dr. Presser has authored seven books, including the just-released @DrJanice: Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is. Her next book, currently in development, will explore the theoretical and physical foundations of teaming, and the profound impact of team analysis on the structure, development, and leadership of teams.

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    Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is.
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