Reduce Cost of your SAP Systems by Achieving Operational Excellence

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    Go to market efficiencies may be achieved through the build out of your ‘true’ E2E SAP Footprint within SAP Solution Manager for project prep through go-live and support activities.  Join IBIS as we take you on a journey and review the steps necessary to help you achieve: Operational Excellence, Reduce Total Cost of Ownership, Enable Process Efficiencies and the ability to Run SAP Like a Factory. 


    Journey with us as we review success stories, associated activities and benefits achieved by some of the world’s most successful businesses who endeavored to change the stressful and chaotic journey of their organizations by implementing many of the things we’ll share during this Webinar.  You’ll also have the opportunity to see how these ‘successful’ organizations were able to achieve SAP’s highest ‘Advanced Certification’ ACCOE in the process.


    We’ll start the journey by reviewing the ‘SAP COE Self-Assessment’ process.  We’ll then dive into various topical items to include:


    -Build you true SAP Footprint in Solution Manager and addressing how this initial step will jump start your other Operational Excellence objectives
    -Documentation Management which details how you can more effectively manage your requirements, configuration, development and training
    - Incident Management and determine if it make sense for you to leverage SAP’s ITSM as a standalone solution and/or to integrate with your current IM solution, i.e. ServiceNow or Remedy
    - Change Management to better understand how you can protect your productive system from unwanted and unapproved changes, plus you’ll be able to say goodbye to ‘Orphaned Transports’
    -Test Management which ensures that testing of enhancement packs, support packs, break/fixes and projects are properly focused on the right activities vs. the ‘shotgun’ approach which says where you feel like you have to test everything
    - Custom Code Management to better understand what the risks are to your productive solutions and whether or not they can be minimized
    -Quality Management and its role(s) in the project lifecycle
    -SAPs Advanced Customer Center of Expertise (ACCOE)
    -We’ll also touch on Data Volume Management, Data Consistency Management, Technical and Business Process Monitoring, Job Scheduling with Redwood amongst other topics!


    Clyde Ford, VP, IBIS America LLC
    Dr. Heiko Hecht, President, IBIS America LLC

    Watch online here.