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    Mastering BusinessObjects Webcast Series


    SAP Crystal Reports


    January 18, 2017 – Product Landscape and Report Requirements Gathering

    February 1, 2017 – Design Mode

    February 15, 2017 - Grouping and Summarization

    March 1: Creation and Filtering

    March 15, 2017: Data Connectivity

    March 29, 2017 – Visualizing Information

    April 12, 2017 – Formulas & Functions I

    April 26, 2017 - Formulas/Functions II and Exporting

    May 10, 2017 – Advanced Page-Layout and Formatting

    Universe Design Webcast Series


    January 24: Connecting the Dots… Mastering the Universe

    February 7: How to Avoid Being Trapped in Your Own Universe

    February 21: Stop Going Around in Circles - Learn the Best and Easiest Way to Find and Resolve Loops

    March 7: Carving Out Your Piece of the Pie

    March 21: Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Defining Aggregate Functions and Awareness

    Apr. 4: How to Start an Online Relationship

    April 18: Hidden Gems! Advantages of Using Universe with Crystal Reports

    May 2: Maximum Security: Defining Security in a Universe


    Xcelsius (SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards)


    Download the series webcast recordings:

    April 12: Mastering Xcelsius Charts

    April 26: Mastering Xcelsius Selectors: Part 1

    May 10: Mastering Xcelsius Selectors: Part 2

    May 24: Mastering Xcelsius Dynamic Visibility

    June 7: Mastering Xcelsius Filtered Rows

    June 23: Mastering Xcelsius Drill Down/Insertion

    June 28: Mastering Xcelsius Alerts


    SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence


    Download the series webcast recordings:

    May 4: Restricting Data Returned in Web Intelligence
    June 2: Queries and Data Providers
    June 15: Analyzing Data within Web Intelligence
    July 6: Exploring Built-in Functions & Formulas
    July 21: Dynamically Displaying Data in Web Intelligence
    Aug. 4: Creative Linking
    Aug. 18: Calculation Context
    Sept. 8: Tracking Data Changes and Showing Variance within Web Intelligence


    More Webcast Recordings:

    March 9 Tools & Strategies C Spire Uses to Advance Self-Services for Business Analysts and Users at All Levels of the Organization

    Jeff Stout, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, C Spire

    Dec 8     SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and the BI Semantic Layer

    Nov.  6   Dashboards and Design Studio: The Car You Own and the Car You Dream of Owning

    Nov.10   Self Service and Universal Universe Objects at Phoenix Contact

    Nov. 23  What's New in SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI

    Nov. 24  Designing Dazzling Dashboards Using Native Xcelsius Components

    Dec. 2    BI4.2: Improved Collaboration Capabilities and Mobile Push Notifications

    Dec. 3    BI4.2: Improved Upgrade Process

    Dec. 7    BI4.2: Improved Migration Process

    Dec. 9    BI4.2: Improvements in Managing the BI Platform

    Dec. 11  Best Practices for Migration to SAP BI 4.1 from Classic BOE 5.X/ 6.X / XI

    Jan. 25  Getting the Most Out of Web Intelligence 4.1 Chart Visualization

    Feb 11   Lumira 1.29 Enterprise Integration Scenarios

    April 6:   BI Platform: Learn the New Innovations in SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI Platform 4.2 Release

    April 7:   Understanding SAP BI Pricing and Packaging Webcast Materials

    April 19: Things to Know to Update - Upgrade to BusinessObjects BI 4.2 Release

    May 12: How to Leverage the Enhancements in Web Intelligence and Semantic Layer 4.2 Release