Dashboards and Design Studio: The Car You Own and the Car You Dream of Owning

Version 2

    SAP BusinessObjects dashboards (Xcelsius) has been one of the most popular dashboarding tools for over a decade. SAP Design Studio has created a lot of buzz among customers with its advent. Does SAP Design Studio compete with Xcelsius? Who are the target customers for Design Studio? Which tool should I choose for dashboarding in future? What would happen to all the dashboards created using Xcelsius?


    This session will address all of the above questions in detail. The attendees will gain an understanding of Design studio’s features and capabilities and how it is different from Xcelsius. The pros and cons of using Xcelsius over Design Studio and vice versa will be analyzed. Step by step guide to recreate an Xcelsius dashboard using design studio will be demonstrated.


    Rajesh Ponnurangam, InfoSol Inc.