Case Study of an "Out of the Box" Implementation: Implementing ChaRM on SolMan 7.1 SP8 at Cintas Corporation

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    Brad Coppel is the SAP Governance Operations Manager at Cintas, a publicly traded Fortune 1000 company with over 30,000 employees. He has over 10+ years in IT and over 6 years working in the SAP landscape. With an SAP background in ChaRM, MM/PP, SNC, and Change Management, Brad was the Process Owner of Cintas’ latest ChaRM Implementation and was asked to speak at last year’s Tech Ed on the subject.

    In his presentation, “Case Study of an “Out of the Box” Implemenation: Implementing ChaRM on SolMan 7.1 SP8 @ Cintas Corporation”, Brad gives a unique perspective from a customer’s point of view that explores:

    - Pre-ChaRM challenges in the SAP Landscape
    - A background of the company and the scope of the issues to be resolved
    - Overall Improvements made to the system
    - A step by step breakdown of the process from Research to Instillation and…
    - An insider’s view of the obstacles faced and solutions discovered during this all important installation as well as the “tribulations and benefits of hindsight.”

    Brad Coppel, CINTAS
    Colleen Simon, CINTAS

    Watch online here.