SAP Lumira Big Data Connectivity

Version 1

    SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is an ideal tool for Analysing Big Data. The latest versions support Hadoop and Hive with Sampling data making it possible to analyse Big Data from Hadoop. This Series is about the other Big Data integrations for SAP Lumira and will be updated as new sources are available.



    Couch your Big Data using SAP Lumira and Couchbase


    Rethink your Big Data with SAP Lumira and RethinkDB

    Web Scraper for SAP Lumira

    Website to Visuals – Scraping Website into Data within SAP Lumira

    Hadoop Cloudera Hive

    Connect SAP Lumira to the Cloudera – Using Apache Hadoop Hive

    HortonWorks Hadoop

    Analyzing Big Data with Hortonworks Hadoop and SAP Lumira v1.13