ASUG BI/BW Sessions at SAP TechEd Las Vegas

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    SAP TechEd Las Vegas is 6 weeks away but there's no time like the present to start building your agenda.  On behalf of the ASUG Volunteer The specified item was not found. Design team, you are invited to consider the following ASUG SAP TechEd Las Vegas sessions - this is another example of customer-driven education:


    Session IDTitle
    BA116ASUG Influence Council: SAP BusinessObjects Analysis
    BA117ASUG Influence Council: SAP Predictive Analytics
    BA207ASUG Influence Council Open Meeting: SAP Lumira
    BA209SDK Experiences: SAP Lumira VizPacker and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
    BA300Self-Service Reporting Using SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Tools
    TEC213Delivering a Global BI Solution: The Reality on the Ground
    BA125BIP Influence Council Live Meeting
    BA119Advanced Dashboard Development Using Design Studio at Medtronic
    BA120ASUG Influence Council: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
    BA123Apply a Fresh Face to Your BI Apps with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
    BA124Location Analytics and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
    BA210Using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio for Self Service BI
    DMM116Leverage SAP Information Steward Metapedia & MetaData Manager for Standards
    DMM216ASUG Influence Council: Enterprise Information Management
    DMM219Lessons Learned: Custom Data Mart Development on SAP HANA at General Mills
    BA126How Mylan Is Using SAP HANA for EDW, Data Hub, and Self-Service BI
    BA211Verizon: Implement SAP ERP Data Lake Analytics Solution Based on SAP HANA
    BA215Deliver Real-Time Manufacturing Intelligence with SAP MII
    DMM117Operational and Analytical Reporting with SAP HANA Data Marts
    DMM218Open Sesame: How Lockheed Paved the Way to Enterprise Procurement Analytics
    DMM220ASUG Influence Council: Enterprise Data Warehouse
    DMM221Smart Data Access: External Data, Agile Development, Easy Analytics
    ITM121Coca-Cola Company Best Practices for SAP BW Migration to SAP HANA in Cloud
    BA121Getting the Data: How Lockheed Martin Reports on Enterprise Learning Data
    BA122It Isn't Only Brain Surgery: SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions
    BA208ASUG Influence Council Update and Road Map: SAP Business Objects Mobile BI
    TEC223SAP HANA Accelerators: Making the Side Car Your Main Car



    ASUG Pre-Conference Seminars are in-depth sessions provide unparalleled content, starting your SAP TechEd experience on the right foot. Register for SAP TechEd, and add one of these seminars to your agenda (additional fee applies):



    Each hands-on training is an additional cost and is an all-day course (8:30 am – 5:00 pm), on Monday, October 19th


    Learn more about SAP TechEd and register here.


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