Experience Amazing Results on Your SAP Project Using Lean and Agile

Version 1

    Increase the productivity of your SAP teams and deliver higher quality products to your stakeholders.  By using the concepts of Lean and Agile, you can accelerate the results of your project, double the productivity of your team and ultimately increase overall customer satisfaction.  Discover how you can use Lean principles and Agile techniques to create a high performing SAP team that will deliver high value and high quality products to your users in a shorter period of time.  Learn how to deliver SAP solutions using iterative prototyping and shorter delivery cycles.  Learn how you can create cross-functional teams that are collaborative, adaptive, and responsive to customer needs.  Find out how you can assess your organization’s readiness for lean and agile SAP and start to plan your next project.

    Key Learning Points:
    - Overview of Lean Thinking Principles and Agile Techniques
    - Key benefits of a Lean and Agile SAP implementation
    - Customer Success Stories: Learn how they used Lean and Agile to Deliver Amazing Results
    - Leveraging ASAP 8 and SAP Activate for Agile SAP Projects
    - Getting Started:  What it takes for your team to become Lean and Agile

    Jason Fair, Genesis Consulting

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