Accelerating IoT in your Organization: Introducing SAP's IoT Development Platform - Event Slides & Recording

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    This year at SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP released SAP HANA Cloud Platform Internet of Things (IoT) Services (beta). Known as IoT Services, this official new foray into IoT support from SAP signals HANA Cloud Platform as an IoT application development platform. The IoT Services release supports device and data management for IoT application scenarios, simplifying the deployment of lightweight IoT cloud applications.


    In this session, you will learn about the services and the new interface in the HANA Cloud Platform cockpit that helps you interact with them to onboard and manage devices, and we’ll introduce you to how to get started developing IoT applications on HANA Cloud Platform.




    Brief intro to HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) as SAP’s PaaS for building and extending applications


    HCP as SAP’s IoT development platform: Introducing IoT Services


    Get up and running on the Trial platform: demo /  getting started


    Where to go for more information / online resources




    Rui Nogueira, SAP

    Aaron Williams, SAP