IoT: Transforming Your Business with IoT - SAP Partner Perspectives (Zebra and Jasper) Episode 7 of 8

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    Part A: Best Practices in Transforming Your Business with IoT

    There are vast amounts of data on our planet and it’s like a global data mine field. Today there are human systems, natural systems and physical objects, all generating incredible amounts of data which before, couldn’t be heard, be seen or captured. Now we can, because all of these data sources are now instrumented through the physical to digital transformation and are all interconnected using the Internet of Things. We see IoT enabling a new wave of capability for enterprise operations and customer engagement - something we’re calling Enterprise Asset Intelligence.

    In this session dissect the internet of things to transform your business. What about the internet of your factory ? Your retail operations ? Your distribution center ? Your supply chain?

    Thomas D. Bianculli, Zebra Technologies Corporation

    Tom Bianculli is the Vice President of the Enterprise Technology Office (ETO) of Zebra Technologies Corporation. In this role, Tom is responsible for the startup exploration of new opportunities as well as coordinating with product teams on advanced development initiatives and strategy. The ETO is comprised of engineering, business, customer research and industrial design functions. Currently, this team has relationships with key decision makers at major customers and a pipeline of growth initiatives. His previous positions at Motorola included Senior Director of Emerging Business Opportunities and Director of Engineering roles.

    Tom has been granted over 20 U.S. patents and is a Zebra Distinguished Innovator and Science Advisory Board Associate. Tom holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University, NYU. Tom serves on the Board of Directors for the School of Engineering for New York Institute of Technology.

    Part B: Transforming Your Business with the Internet of Things

    We are entering a world where almost everything is being connected to the cloud, and this is rapidly changing how companies do business. For most companies, the Internet of Things is not actually about things, it’s about services. Can you offer new or improved services to your customers ? Can you quickly expand into new markets ? Could IoT transform your company from being a product-focused company to a service-focused one?

    In this webcast, you will learn:

    • the key challenges to becoming an IoT business
    • The critical capabilities required to quickly deploy, manage, and monetize your IoT serviceson a global scale
    • Real-life case studies about companies that have already successfully transformed their businesses with IoT.Speaker
      Simon Berman, Jasper
      Simon Berman is passionate about bringing new products to market, and developing and growing businesses to achieve market dominance. Simon brings over 20 years of enterprise product marketing experience in IoT, application and network testing, and mobile application lifecycle management.
      He currently serves as VP of product marketing at Jasper, the cloud-based IoT services platform that enables companies to quickly deploy, manage and monetize their IoT services on a global scale.
      Simon holds an M.Sc in computer science from University College London and a B.Eng in aeronautical engineering from Imperial College, London.