Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): From Vision to Value (Episode 6 of 8) - Event Recording & Materials

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    The internet of things (IOT) is a term that is in vogue, gathering momentum in all sectors, from asset heavy industries through to retail and customer focused businesses.  There is hype and substance to be found in equal measure, whether from those offering solutions, or others who claim to have implemented technology and transformed their businesses to realize the economic benefits of IoT.


    Accenture’s definition helps to focus on how businesses can potentially realize the benefits - “The industrial Internet is the universe of intelligent industrial products, processes and services that communicate with each other and with humans over the Internet”.


    Accenture and SAP are collaborating in the IIOT domain and this webinar will share perspectives on not only the operational efficiency benefits often cited for IIOT, but also the growth opportunities that could be realized from the application of IIOT technology.


    Anil Parekh, Accenture
    Wayne Kerwood, Accenture
    Walid Negm, Accenture


    Additional Materials:

    The speakers shared a number of reports during the webcast presentation. To access those reports, use the links below: