Internet of Things - European Perspective, Examples, and Business Models (Episode 4 of 8) - Event Slides & Recording

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    Episode 4 -  Part A   ” IoT and Industrie 4.0 - European Perspective, Examples

    IoT is not just a North American trend. Sign up for this webinar to get a different perspective on the progress being made in other parts of the world. Otto and Nils will cover the German perspective, including a focus on Industrie 4.0. Listen to their perspective, which will include insight into some major customer stories including their implementation path and the architectures they have chosen.
    This webinar is especially relevant to you if you are involved in IoT projects yourself, or if you have subsidiaries in Europe which are looking at IoT / Industrie 4.0 projects within the region.

    Epsiode 4 - Part B   ” IoT and Industrie 4.0 - Business Models in a Digitalized World - Ways forward

    While this is a smart place to start with Transformation 4.0, it is only a stepping stone toward the real objective: the holistic consideration of all conceivable sub-areas and processes in highly automated companies and highly demanding customers, connected through the IoT Platform. Organizations can reach this objective by taking following principles into consideration: Connecting the old world with the new including new software development paradigm, stringent security measures to ensure a proper B2B2C business and the right people with the right skills to transform.
    The current discussion on how business models will be influenced has the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business and even the way we live our personal lives. This session will share insights from DSAG which has nearly 3000 companies, institutions and authorities in the entire German-speaking area (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), more than 55000 individuals signed in working in 150 Subject Interest Groups.


    • What’s different this time - Internet of Things, LOT 1
    • Process & Technology - New Business Models, Real-Time Processing
    • Safety & Security - Protection of intellectual property and private resources
    • Human Capital - Needed skills and knowledge transfer
    • How to run active change management & lead the transformation; speed, risk awareness


      Nils Herzberg - Senior Vice President. Global Co-Lead - GTM for Internet of Things, SAP SE
      Otto Schell -  Member BoD DSAGe.V. (German Speaking Countries SAP User Group) Industry Solutions and Business Processes. Sponsor Transformation / Industry 4.0 and Internationalization.