IoT: From Big Data To Smart Data ( IoT ) - Episode 3 of 8 - Event Slides & Recording

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    Hosted by:NEW Internet of Things Community

    This is part three of an eight episode webcast series that will lay the foundation for our new ASUG Internet of Things ( IoT )  Community. This community will explore SAP and the Internet of Things (IoT ) and support our ASUG members’ journey in this exciting area. Learn how you can re-imagine, transform and re-invent your business.

    The world we live in today is very different to how it was 5-10 years ago. Enriched data analytics and advances in innovative technology has transformed our thinking and allowed businesses to reimagine how they connect with the end consumer. The Internet of Things has evolved from Big Data; enabling companies to provide a personalized prescriptive service offering; available on any device, anywhere at anytime to a specific individual. This new connected digital world offers endless possibilities for companies to provide enriched services, healthcare, products and ultimately improve sustainability for a greener environment. Discover how Big Data and the Internet of Things transforms raw data into smart data.


    • The emergence of IoT from the shadows of Big Data (data assets: machine, weather, e-commerce, geospatial, crm/hr, etc)
    •   Smart Data enables business automation for enriched consumer experience (smart cities)
    • IoT transforming the way people operate within an inter-connected world
    • The human face of IoT, helping people to leverage smart data for healthier living (fit-bits, genome testing, clinical studies/trials, etc)


      David Parker, SAP