Opportunities to Influence SAP BI

Version 3

    SAP offers the opportunity influence innovations for next releases through the influence program Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI).  This is the second CEI cycle in 2015.


    What innovations are there?


    There are as many as 100 projects for which you can register. The following projects are relevant for the SAP BI Community Members:




    If you find a project that may be of interest to a co-worker, SAP asks that you to forward the project using the “Send an Email” link on the project page.


    How can I sign up?


    Go to the SAP website to register.

    Follow-up after registration


    When you register, you will be sent a confirmation from.  When you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call SAP; at this point further participation is optional. Typically signing a Feedback Agreement with SAP will be part of the procedure.


    The deadline for this first cycle is on June 26, 2015.

    Note: The above information was pulled together from various sources: SAP, ASUG and VNSG with some edits by me.


    Join us Oct. 8: ASUG SAP Analysis Influence Council ReLaunch Webcast