IoT: Transform Business Operations and Reimagine Business - Episode 2 of 8

Version 2

    This is part two of an eight episode webcast series that will lay the foundation for our new ASUG Internet of Things ( IoT )  Community. This community will explore SAP and the Internet of Things (IoT ) and support our ASUG members’ journey in this exciting area. Learn how you can re-imagine, transform and re-invent your business.

    The Internet-of-Things is transforming business at an accelerating pace. Hyper connectivity is upon us with the emergence of cheap, always connected devices. The deployment of these devices is inexorable and often done to solve local edge problems. Many companies however still lack the bigger picture: what business transformation do these devices enable? What will be the impact on our IT infrastructures and are they ready to cope with the data storage, security and automation challenges that the Internet-of-Things is creating? At the core of our enterprises lie systems that were designed for humans to interact with: ERP, PLM, CRM, etc. These need to be reinvented for the Internet-of-Things.


    • ERP of Things
    • Things to Action - Integrating IoT ” Sense ” with ERP and Beyond ” Respond “
    • To really understand IoT you also need to understand OT ( Operational Technology )
    • Use cases: SAP customers using IoT in Business Processes Today by Industry


      Demed L’Her, Chief Technical Advisor and Vice President, SAP