Streamline Migrations to SAP HANA With Better Test Data Quality

Version 1

    Join Telesto Group in a discussion the best practices for successfully creating and updating non-production systems data.  SAP Test Data Migration Server (SAP TDMS) software can help you properly test and validate the quality of your application development processes and IT systems. It is high-speed data extraction software that populates development, test, quality assurance and training systems with SAP business data from a live production environment.  Whether you doing a full implementation or a pilot HANA initiative SAP TDMS can assist reducing your costs and risks of the project.

    Attend the webcast and learn how to:
    - Reduce disk space by decreasing the data volume in your development, test, quality assurance, and training systems.
    - Improve the quality of development and training activities by using business-relevant and up-to-date test data.
    - Increase efficiencies by reducing the administrative efforts and time required to manage development, test systems.
    - Simulate new business situations in your test environments before making critical business decisions.
    - Build a system with a reduced data sets for testing upgrades or managing multiple projects simultaneously.
    - Reduce costs and risks of implementing HANA initiatives.

    Toralf Peters, Telesto Group