An Advanced Lesson on Technical Monitoring within Solution Manager 7.1 Event Recording and Slides

Version 1

    This presentation will be an advanced lesson on Technical Monitoring within Solution Manager 7.1. Solution Manager 7.1 allows you to monitor almost anything In an SAP landscape; but how does it do it? We will talk about the components within Technical Monitoring that provide all of the necessary data to send alerts. Specifically we will go over Diagnostic Agents, Wily Introscope Enterprise manager and the Wily agents that are deployed on managed systems. As well as how Solution Manager uses RFCs - remote function calls and data extractors to collect data on managed systems. Attendees will learn about the tools provided by solution manager to ensure that all of these components are functioning properly. Attendees will see a demonstration of the those tools including the Extractor Framework, Diagnostic Agent administration, Wily Introscope, Alerting framework, and the alerting directory browser. As well as see the E2eMAI Support Servlet that allows you to check on the status of metrics within specific Diagnostic Agents.  In addition to several demos during the session, attendees will take home a step by step guide for troubleshooting metrics that are failing to collect data.

    Jereme Swoboda, NIMBL