Adoption IC Launch Slides and Recording - 05/21/14

Version 3

    Attached is the ASUG SAP Adoption Influence Council's launch slide deck and recording. If you have trouble accessing the attached recording, you may also find it here: Recording Information. Note: The WebEx ARF player is required to playback the recording. Download ARF player

    To join, please complete the participation survey: by Friday, May 31.


    The following topics were discussed during the call:

    • Software enhancements are included in customer maintenance agreements.
    • Need to find ways to increase adoption of these enhancements
    • Existing documentation is not consistent, for example test case templates are not always available
    • Difficult to find documentation on business functions implemented via switch framework
    • SAP will educate us on current support pack and enhancement pack information/documentation sources during next meeting
    • Next meeting during Annual Conference/Sapphire on Tuesday June 3 at 10:00 after first keynote in ASUG Hub conference room.