SAP's Control Center Concept and Run SAP Certification to Make Your IT Run Better Event Recording & Slides

Version 1

    The control center approach from SAP Active Global Support helps customers achieve the most effective and efficient implementations and on-going operations possible.  Best-run IT functions effectively balance the cost of running SAP with supporting and rolling out innovations.  The control center approach is based on decades of experience and encompasses the following concepts:

    - Innovation Control Center (ICC), to drive continuous business improvement within lines of business along with supporting implementation and innovation projects via industry best-practice solution provisioning, allowing you to “Build SAP Like a Factory”
    - Operations Control Center (OCC), which handles orchestration and operations in the system landscape, allowing you to “Run SAP Like a Factory”
    - SAP regional Mission Control Centers (MCC), support both ICCs and OCCs at customer locations and help ensure that SAP best practices are in use in customer landscapes

    The Run SAP Partner Program enables service providers to understand the control center concept and what it means to deploy them.  The Run SAP certifications prove how our partners have successfully implemented and operate ICCs and OCCs at a customer base.  The customers can expect knowledgeable resources, best practices, and KPIs as fundamental parts of each deployment, providing operations efficiencies, reduced risk, and higher satisfaction.

    Learning Points:
    - Learn the SAP Active Global Support control center concept
    - Learn how the Run SAP Partner Program enables service providers in the control centers
    - Learn what the control centers mean to our customers and how a Run SAP certified partner can help

    Andrew Graham, Director of Partner Management, SAP Active Global Support