CEI Registration Steps

Version 2

    Visit http://bit.ly/CEI_3 and follow these simple steps:


    1. Once on the page, select "I agree" in the box.
    2. Identify your relationship with SAP by selecting either SAP Customer or SAP Partner.
    3. Enter your email (this is so SAP can follow up with you and it is deleted after registration closes). Continue.
    4. On the next page, filter topics by keyword, product area, or line of business.
    5. Click on any topic to review the details, and then Select this Project.
    6. Register Selected Projects for Initial Call.
    7. Enter your data.
    8. Be sure to click Finish Your Registration at the bottom of the page.



    [Note: Registering for focus topics does not lock you in. SAP will invite you to a follow-up phone call once registration has closed. You may decide at any time if the project meets your needs.]




    Contact influence@asug.com if you have questions.