ITSM and ALM Moves to the Cloud with SAP Solution Manager and HANA - Events Slides and Recording

Version 2

    As the world moves its applications to the cloud, it is important and imminent to consider implementing and managing these in the cloud. It has become quite necessary to establish your Application Lifecycle Management, IT Service Management and the tools around it on the cloud.  As SAP HANA takes the leap into the in-memory database market and enabling on the cloud, every business process including ITSM and ALM will move on to the cloud. As pioneers in the ALM space, Alpha Sirius is excited to share their experience with enabling ITSM and ALM on SAP HANA using Solution Manager.

    Ajay Vonkarey, Alpha Sirius


    Ajay Vonkarey is the SAP Practice Lead and Solution Manager Evangelist with Alpha Sirius.  With over 15 years of SAP experience, he has successfully implemented ALM solution with over 25 customers. Being part of a PMO he has built expertise around Program Management, Project Management, industry best practices and tools and methodologies.