2013 Fall Focus Speaker Resource Page

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    2013 ASUG Fall Focus Speaker Resource Page

    Welcome to the 2013 ASUG Fall Focus Speaker Resource Page. Please navigate this site by clicking on the any of the "QuickLinks" listed in the Table of Contents below:


    On behalf of the entire ASUG community, congratulations on being selected to present at the 2013 ASUG Fall Focus. This is a special opportunity to bring recognition and visibility to you and your organization. We believe your presentation will be a valuable addition to the vibrant catalog of content available for conference attendees and we thank you for contributing your experience and insight.

    As you know, the 2013 ASUG Fall Focus conference takes place at the Hyatt Regency, Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA from Wednesday, September 26th- Friday, September 27th. In preparation for the conference, please bookmark this page and use it as a guide to help you prepare for your speaking engagement.



    Schedule or Session Change Requests

    Any schedule or session changes, including speaker changes and session cancellation requests, must be requested through Speakers@asug.com After you’ve submitted your request(s), an ASUG staff member will be in contact with you to confirm receipt, and the request(s) will be processed. Any and all requests will need to be confirmed by the 2013 ASUG Fall Focus Program Committee prior to completion. If you have any questions at any time, do not hesitate to contact ASUG HQ at Speakers@asug.com.


    Update Your Contact Information


    Please take a moment to log in to Abstract Studio to confirm that your contact information is correct.  Click "Submit Changes" to update any information.

    Speaker Registration

    Registration is part of the confirmation process. You will be asked to accept ASUG speaker policies and criteria during the registration process. All speakers are required to register by Thursday, August 22nd 2013 in order to confirm their sessions. Please visit the conference website to complete your registration.

    The speaker notification details the time, code, and date of your session. You should have received this notification from  Speakers@asug.com. If you have not yet received one or have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Speakers@asug.com.

    Please note: You are responsible for your own travel and hotel expenses. We highly advise you to book your accommodations and travel soon.

    Speaker Complimentary Registration Policy

    This is a complimentary event; however, all speakers must be active ASUG members. If you have any questions regarding your company's membership status, please contact Memberservices@asug.com.


    Please contact Speakers@asug.com if you have any questions regarding the Speaker Complimentary Registration Policy.

    Housing & Travel Information

    All speakers are responsible for their own housing and travel. Please make your reservations by Thursday, August 29th to qualify for our negotiated rates by visiting the hotel website or by calling 402-592-6464. The negotiated rate is $199/night plus tax.

    Presentation and Guidelines and Upload Instructions

    We have extended the deadline to upload your presentation to Monday, August 12th. A version of your presentations must be uploaded to The Call for Presentations website no later than this date. Because all presentations are reviewed by the ASUG Fall Focus Program Committee, no extensions will be given. You must translate the topics discussed in your abstract and key learning points into a full presentation that audience participants can reference.

    While we know that many speakers have proprietary information concerns or may be planning on making updates to their presentation up to the presentation date, we require that you upload a PDF version of your presentation (a version edited for proprietary consideration is acceptable) by Monday, August 12th.

    Presentation Guidelines

    • All presentations must be in PDF (.pdf) format and utilize one of the ASUG PowerPoint Presentation Templates as a guideline for the format and content. The templates will be posted to the bottom of this page within the next few weeks.
    • Please use the following naming convention when files are uploaded: SESSION CODE_SESSION_TITLE (i.e., 1001_ASUG_Fall_Focus_Presentation_Title). Please do not use any spaces when naming your presentation. Instead, please separate the session code from the title and all words within the title using an underscore.
    • The number of presentation slides is not limited, but any graphics included in the presentation (i.e. charts, graphics, etc.) must be embedded in the PowerPoint file.
    • Please keep in mind that attendees will be downloading presentations from the ASUG Web site, so please use graphic formats that use less file space. For instance, a .gif or .tif file will use less space than a .jpg file. Where possible, please reduce image sizes to allow for faster downloads.
    • Presentations must be of educational nature, and may not be used to promote products or services.
    • Presentations must be converted to PDF format prior to being uploaded to the ASUG Web site. If you do not have the necessary software to convert your presentation into a PDF format we recommend you download CutePDF. This tool enables you to create professional quality PDF files from almost any printable document and is free for personal, commercial, governmental or educational use.
    • All presentations are subject to a mid-point review in August.


    Upload Instructions

    • Save your file as a PDF.
    • Navigate to the Abstract Studio login page.
    • Please Note: Abstract Studio functions best in Internet Explorer. All presentations must be uploaded and saved using Internet Explorer.
    • Log in using your username and password. Your username is your e-mail address. If you are unable to locate your password, skip to the “Access Your Password” option and enter in your valid e-mail address. The system will e-mail you a password reset link. If you still have issues logging in, please contact ASUG HQ at Speakers@asug.com
    • Once logged in, click on "My Submissions".
    • Select the submission that you wish to upload a PDF presentation to.
    • Under “Upld Mgr” (upload manager) click the page icon.
    • Browse to select the appropriate file on your local system.
    • Select the appropriate file category from the drop-down menu (presentation).
    • Click "upload".


    If you have have additional questions or any difficulty with the upload process, please contact ASUG Speaker Services at Speakers@asug.com.

    New Speaker Information

    If you are a first-time speaker (or if this is your first time speaking at an ASUG event) and you need advice or assistance with anything from attendance at the Speaker Orientation to  the number of slides you should prepare for your presentation, the 2013 ASUG Fall Focus Program Committee and ASUG Speaker Services are available to help. Contact ASUG HQ at Speakers@asug.com for more information.


    Click here for frequently asked questions by first-time speakers.

    Upcoming Speaker Development Webcasts

    Details on upcoming Speaker Development Webcasts will be announced in August.

    Audio Visual (A/V) Equipment in Session Room*

    Detailed information for A/V equipment will be posted shortly.

    Please submit any special equipment requests or concerns you may have regarding the existing equipment to ASUG HQ at Speakers@asug.com.

    Speaker Ready Room

    For your convenience, there will be a Speaker Ready Room available for your use. All speakers need to check-in at the Speaker Ready Room at least once upon arriving at the conference center. Equipment will be available for you to practice, review, and print your presentation.

    Speaker Ready Room operating hours will be announced at a later date.

    Speaker Orientation Meeting

    Details will be announced at a later date. It is highly recommended that you attend so you can:

    • Review the conference presentation process.
    • Meet with the ASUG Fall Focus Program Committee Volunteers responsible for managing all content within each focus area.
    • Ask questions regarding room setup and any other last minute concerns you may have.