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    Direct input and feedback from customers is essential for SAP to improve solutions, and Customer Connection was created to incrementally enhance and improve the products and solutions customers are using today. This ASUG Influence opportunity makes it easy to suggest small enhancements and improvements to products and solutions in mainstream maintenance.

    Following a project approach, customers can submit improvement requests for SAP IPSAS. Selected improvement requests are typically development and available through support notes or support packages for fast and non-disruptive delivery.

    Project Scope

    • Reconciliation between financials (NewGL) and Funds Management by providing either reconciliation best practices or new reports to achieve specific results.
    • Enhancements to Cash Flow Reporting (Indirect Method) and integration with fixed asset activities
    • Enhancements to Donor statutory and financial statements using the NewGL, Funds Management and Grantee Management
    • Employee Benefits, Human Resource integration with Financials for Education Grants


    This is a unique opportunity for you to influence development at SAP. It offers a chance to submit requests for functionality you have been waiting for.


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    You talk. SAP listens. Everybody wins.
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