ASUG Webcast: SAP Solution Manager for Business Users -- Webcast Recording

Version 2

    SAP Solution Manager for Business Users

    Take advantage of another great educational opportunity  included in your membership benefits, and join the ASUG Solution Manager,  Application Lifecyecle Management, Run SAP Like a Factory SIG Community for this  webcast.


    As the SAP footprint extends in a company, it becomes quite  important for the business community and the end user to understand industry  practices, tools and methodology for a successful SAP implementation and  optimizing a current SAP Solution. SAP Solution Manager is an integral part of  an SAP landscape to establish ‘ONE SORUCE OF TRUTH’ and run an efficient SAP  operation. Some of the key functions and features of Solution Manager are useful  and beneficial to the Business user community too. Solution Manager is NOT just  for IT operations any more.


    Learning Points:
    •Clear all the confusion  on Solution Manager
    •Identify the key functions of Solution Manager for  Process Drivers/Business Users
    •List out the key benefits of Solution Manager  for Business teams
    •Customer examples and success stories

    Key  Topics:


    •Key Functions of Solution Manager
    •Solution Manager for  Business Users
    •Customer Success Stories
    •Benefits of Solution  Manager
    •Lessons Learned
    •Solution Manager 7.1 – the big  rocks


    Speaker: Ajay Vonkarey, Alpha Sirius Inc.