Webcast Materials: ASUG Affiliate Webcast - Honey, I Shrunk the Support Package

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    Join ASUG Affiliate member Panaya for it's webcast, Honey, I Shrunk the Support Package, scheduled for Tuesday, February 28, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. EST.


    Keeping up with SAP is not a trivial task. Support and enhancement packages projects can be challenging, often taking longer and costing more than expected because of all the uncertainties involved in planning, fixing and testing.


    In this session, Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) will present how it saved 100% on initial tests, 50% on code corrections, cut its support packages project by 25%, narrowed the project scope from 28,000 notes to just 450, and identified seven undocumented cloned programs. We’ll also be demonstrating Panaya’s Upgrade and Test Automation SaaS Solution, which shows you what will break what to test.




    Shelly Hendee, Manager of SAP Support, CVPS
    Tonia Erickson, Software Developer, CVPS
    Amit Bendov, Chief Marketing Officer, Panaya