Webcast Materials: Implementing An eCommerce/eSelling (B2B and B2C) Solution for Your SAP Environment

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    Join ASUG for its Affiliate-sponsored webcast, Implementing an eCommerce/eSelling (B2B and B2C) Solution for Your SAP Environment, scheduled for Wednesday, February 22, 2012.


    CDI is pleased to present an educational webinar for the SAP community that will highlight creating or improving a company’s web channel for SAP sales order creation, sales order inquiry, and finance A/R inquiry with our flagship solution, ERP2Web. ERP2Web is a real-time B2B & B2C e-commerce and SAP-certified integration software solution.


    Implementing an eCommerce/eSelling solution for your SAP environment can be complex, confusing, time consuming, and difficult to reach complete success. With the right choices, your initiative can be most successful with a timely and cost effective result. You will hear from Powell Electronics how they have undertaken such a project by selecting a complete solution that is most robust with an extensive breadth of functionality which can be implemented successfully in less than 5 months from selection to production. You also see ERP2Web from CDI in action during this presentation to understand how your success with eCommerce/eSelling can be achieved quickly.


    ERP2Web is uniquely positioned in the SAP marketplace:
    •ERP2Web offers high-end robust “shopping cart” functionality at an affordable price.
    •ERP2Web requires zero changes to the SAP ERP environment while providing real-time sales order, pricing, availability, status, etc. It is directly integrated to your SAP ERP system.
    •From start to finish ERP2Web can be fully implemented in less than 5 months.
    •ERP2Web is an SAP-certified integration software solution.
    •The solution is easy to use and has a flexible user interface allowing for company branding and customer personalization.
    •ERP2Web includes the ability for variant configuration, BOM items and stock items and related personalization functionality.
    •ERP2Web includes integration with the SAP material master, customer master, sales order, credit card processes, and other related functions.
    •ERP2Web clients realize increased profits, improved customer satisfaction, and cost reductions.




    Bob Oldrati, CIO, Powell Electronics
    Al Czenski, Director, CDI
    Doug Palaske, Sales Manager, CDI