Webcast Materials: Inventory Optimization: Strategic and Tactical Applications in Chemical Operations

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    Supply and demand volatility is a hazard for chemical manufacturer Celanese. In this session, learn how Celanese meets its targeted customer service levels with minimum investments through the use of Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO). The presenter will outline best practices for balancing service and cost through the application of both strategic and tactical inventory optimization practices.


    Greg Novitsky, Global Supply Chain Analyst, Celanese

    Greg Novitsky is a 30 year veteran of the supply chain industry having joined the Celanese team in 1979 after completing his Chemical engineering studies at Montana State University- Bozeman. As Global Supply Chain Analyst, he is responsible for fixed and variable distribution cost reduction and customer-supplier network optimization. He also champions the development and maintenance of inventory modeling for inventory working capital maintenance and improvement, and for vendor managed and owned inventory program development and execution.

    Chris Russell, Vice President of Inventory Optimization, Logility

    Chris joined the Logility team with the Optiant acquisition in 2010. At Optiant, he was responsible for developing and implementing the company’s sales and strategy and overseeing day-to-day operations of the sales organization. Prior to Optiant, he was a founder and management team member at GEOCOMtms, which was successfully acquired by RedPrairie in Feburary of 2007. Before the founding of GEOCOMtms, he was a Vice President with Baan Company leading a team of over 50 pre-sales consultants. Prior to Baan, Chris held various positions with Numetrix, Visibility Inc. and Digitial Equipment Corporation, leading many successful account engagements.