ASUG Affiliate-Sponsored Webcast Materials: Real-Time B2B and B2C E-Commerce Integrated with SAP Applications

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    Join ASUG for its Affiliate-Sponsored webcast, Real-Time B2B and B2C E-Commerce Integrated with SAP Applications, scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, 2012.


    CDI is pleased to present an educational webinar for the SAP community which will highlight creating or improving a company’s web channel for SAP sales order creation, sales order inquiry and finance A/R inquiry with our flagship solution, ERP2Web. ERP2Web is a real-time B2B and B2C e-commerce storefront solution which is an SAP Certified Integration Software Solution.


    Lincoln Industrial, a world-class technical components company, relies on ERP2Web and you will hear how ERP2Web exceeded their requirement for an eCommerce solution with a catalog of over 50,000 SKU’s that have various customer price levels/discount levels. With customers across the globe, Lincoln needed a zero human intervention solution that could apply significant ‘right-to-buy’ restrictions as well. Most all requirements were met by ERP2Web out of the box with a smooth implementation that required no changes to SAP and applications.


    The webinar will predominately consist of a “live” ERP2Web and SAP ECC 6.0 demonstration showing robust e-Catalog, shopping cart and checkout functionality as it relates to your customers needs. The webinar will also touch on ERP2Web’s software architecture and SAP integration adapters with time for questions and answers.


    ERP2Web is uniquely positioned in the SAP marketplace:


    •ERP2Web offers high-end robust “shopping cart” functionality at an affordable price.
    •ERP2Web requires zero changes to the SAP ERP environment while providing real-time sales order, pricing, availability, status, etc. It is directly integrated to your SAP ERP system.
    •From start to finish ERP2Web can be fully implemented in approximately 4 months.
    •ERP2Web is an SAP Certified Integration Software Solution.
    •The solution is easy to use and has a flexible user interface allowing for company branding and customer personalization.
    •ERP2Web includes the ability for Variant Configuration, BOM Items and Stock items and related personalization functionality.
    •ERP2Web includes integration with the SAP Material Master, Customer Master, Sales Order, Credit Card processes, and other related functions.
    •ERP2Web clients realize increased profits, improved customer satisfaction and cost reductions.




    Mike Phy, CIO, Lincoln Industrial
    Al Czenski, Director, CDI
    Doug Palaske, Solution Specialist, CDI