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    Summer 2010


    ASUG Business Intelligence Emerging Advanced Analytics Bulletin

    Welcome to the inaugural issue of the BI Emerging Advanced Analytics SIG Bulletin, a newsletter keeping you up-to-date on important BI Emerging Advanced Analytics initiatives, events, and member offerings. This newsletter features sections that highlight various activities and action items for you to be aware of. We hope this information allows you to take full advantage of your ASUG membership.



    ·    Just What is Emerging Analytics Anyway?
    ·    Who are we…Joyce, Tammy, Ingo

    ·    SAP TechEd Update

    ·    ASUG TechED Preconference Sessions - SAP BusinessObjects Tools in Day

    ·    Annual Conference Update

    ·    Call to Action
    ·    Upcoming EAA Webcasts
    ·    In Case you Missed...Recent BI Webcasts

    ·    SAP Community Network…have you joined?


    Just what is Emerging Advanced Analytics Anyway?

    By Joyce Butler
    What’s in a name –  to borrow from Shakespeare - a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.   So why would I, an ASUG SIG volunteer be quoting Shakespeare?  Well SAP is going through a process of rebranding and renaming, and the ASUG Business Intelligence Community is going through a process as well to incorporate SAP BusinessObjects' user base needs into our organization.


    So let us start with Emerging Advanced Analytics.  What is EAA?   The ASUG EAA Special Interest Group (SIG) provides user information, education and networking and influencing aspects across a span of SAP Toolsets including what was BEx Analyzer, BEx web reporting and Voyager (now Advanced Analysis Office, Advanced Analysis Web).


    The SIG also supports other information access tools, such as Visual Composer, and the many other options to leverage SAP NetWeaver BW.  What target group or user base does the ASUG EAA SIG support?  BI team leads, BI project managers and BI developers can use our services to understand the different tools and how to implement them to best meet business requirements.   But we invite any BI-interested user to join us to better understand how each of our tools sets best address many multifaceted business scenarios.  As the name implies, the EAA SIG will continue to evolve, as the analytics tool sets mature and bring greater business value.


    Who are we…Joyce, Tammy, Ingo

    2010_Joyce_Butler_8370.jpgJoyce Butler is a 10 year SAP Business Intelligence manager, an eight year ASUG SIG Volunteer currently living in Houston Texas. She is Manager for Global Business Intelligence at Cameron International.  Previous to Cameron International, she was with International Paper.


    TAMMY POWLAS Photo.JPGTammy Powlas is a 4 year ASUG volunteer with SAP certification in NetWeaver BW.  She works for Fairfax Water and is an SAP Mentor.



    Ingo Hilgefort is the ASUG BI Community's SAP Point of Contact.  He has written several SAP Press useful books that you can find at  He is also an SAP Mentor.



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    SAP TechEd 2010 Las Vegas October 18-22  - Announcing ASUG Advanced Analysis Influence Council


    Register today for SAP TechED. We hope to see everyone in Las Vegas in October.  Early bird discount registration ends in late July – this week!  Check out the educational sessions here.  Two of the Advanced Analysis sessions are hands-on sessions.

    Did you know that the Advanced Analysis, Office Edition, is now in ramp-up mode?  Additionally, the launch of the Advanced Analysis Influence Council will occur at TechED.


    Read SAP customer Michelle Crapo's blog about Why You Should go to Teched.


    Check out these sessions of note by SAP Mentors and your ASUG Volunteers.


    ASUG TechEd PreConference Session: SAP BusinessObjects Tools in a Day - limited registration!

    Ingo Hilgefort is leading an all day session on SAP BusinessObjects Tools on October 18th.  This in-depth workshop will allow you to take away answers and a plan for your organization.


    SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions offer a  broad set of tools for reporting and analytics. This hands-on seminar will teach you how to use a set of common criteria in selecting a tool and how to use the tools from SAP BusinessObjects in combination with your SAP  data:


    Part 1: Crystal Reports
    Part 2: Web Intelligence
    Part 3: Xcelsius
    Part 4: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer


    Pre-requisites: Attendees are requested to bring their own laptops with at least 3 GB of memory and 20 GB of free hard disk space (on the laptop directly or on an external drive).  In addition, attendees need to have the latest version of the VMWare player installed on their laptop.
    Maximum number of participants: 50


    Register today!


    Call to Action - How to Get Involved


    We have a call to action for each of you – please, get involved. Your participation is what will make the ASUG Emerging Advanced Analytics SIG successful.


    There are a number of ways that you can get involved, either by participating in our webcasts, offering to present a Webcast on a topic of your choice, presenting at the annual conference or taking a leadership role on a particular influencing topic that is of utmost importance to  you. Whether it is simply contributing to the EAA SIG discussion forum or asking great questions during a webcast, your voice is the key to getting valuable discussions started within the ASUG EAA SIG.


    So, what can you do? If there is something cool that your company has done and you feel good about it, tell us. Chances are someone else is struggling with the same issue. If you can’t seem to get over that nagging hurdle you have been facing, reach out and see if someone else has some advice for you. Let’s share what bothers us, and/or our successes. We have an EAA SIG discussion forum on the ASUG web site where questions can be posted, but in order for it to be a worthwhile tool, the community must use it.   Click here to post to the EAA discussion forum.


    We look forward to your involvement.  Click here to join the EAA SIG.


    ASUG Annual Conference Update


    What a great ASUG Annual Conference this past May, with several outstanding Business Intelligence sessions.  We had a great deal of interest in Emerging Advanced Analytics, which was evident from the large audiences that attended our sessions.   Special thanks to Ingo Hilgefort, SAP, for his support in providing his SAP Press books for our drawings. These books sold out at conference.  Check them out today!


    Special thanks to our speakers, listed below:

    Dan Kearnan
    Evan Alini
    Jim Holmberg
    Renato Rispoli
    Martin Mysyk
    Sameer Gandhi
    Greg Sprowles
    Dan McReynolds
    David Palcich
    Steve Ruggiero



    Upcoming Webcasts Presented by ASUG EAA SIG


    August 5 – Business Objects 101 for SAP Experts
    Register now
    Time: Noon Eastern

    Please join the ASUG BI Emerging Analytics SIG in the webcast "Business Objects 101 for SAP Experts". This webcast will be a light-hearted overview of what BusinessObjects is, what it does, and its major components for those not familiar with the product suite from a customer perspective.


    Speaker: Greg Myers, ASUG BITI BusinessObjects Security & Administration Volunteer, and Senior Business Intelligence Engineer of SEI


    Sept 22 - Expert tips, Advanced features, custom techniques, and scheduling options for using Netweaver BEx Broadcaster
    Register now
    Time: 11:00 am Eastern

    Join the BI ASUG Emerging Analytics SIG for their webcast "Expert tips, Advanced features, custom techniques, and scheduling options for using Netweaver BEx Broadcaster". Get to know utility programs and transaction codes that can simplify administration of BEx Information Broadcasting. Garner ideas to design a tool that automates mass broadcasts to multiple departments, plants, or other large groups without the need to manually launch the distribution every day, week, or month. Find out how to use advanced features such as characteristic-based recipient determination, exception-based broadcasting and multi-channel broadcasting. Examine the benefits and tradeoffs of time-point based broadcasting, process chain-based broadcasting, and direct schedule-based broadcasting. Pinpoint the relevant security objects that can be used to grant the right level of user access to reports.

    Speaker: Jeevan Ravindran, InfoElixir


    In Case You Missed…Recent BI ASUG Webcasts


    6/2 BusinessIntelligence Strategy and Roadmap Webcast


    4/28 Ingo Hilgefort Webcast “Pick the Right SAP BusinessObjects Intelligence Tool
    In this webcast, Ingo discussed how requirements should be gathered from how the end user perceives the tools.  In Enterprise Reporting, it is important for the user to have control over the layout and how the report looks.  For example, a Balance sheet must always look the same way.



    SAP Community Network (SCN) - Have you Joined?  What are you missing?

    See presentation on Advanced Analysis

    See First impressions on Advanced Analysis, Microsoft Office Edition

    Have you tried Crystal Dashboard Design, formerly known as Xcelsius, for free?  It is worth checking out!

    Want more information?  Click here to see the SCN Community Handbook.


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    Your ASUG BI EAA Volunteers,
    Joyce Butler
    Tammy Powlas