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Version 3

    After receiving feedback from attendees on the Speaker Development Webcast "Organizing your Presentation", ASUG Staff has pulled together information on points attendees wanted to learn more about. If you have any questions please contact speakers@asug.com.


    More information on Camtasia


    Camtasia Studio

    • 30-day free trial online.
    • Allows presenters to record/edit video and sound.
    • Studio publishes to Windows Media Player which does not require internet.


    Camtasia Relay

    • Live capture recording program that requires installation on a server.
    • Live captures full screen powerpoint, demos, and software applications and then converts the files to the video/audio outputs selected in the profile.
    • Additionally, Camtasia Relay is recorded and sent through a server.  This recording option may not be feasible for all speakers.


    Information on-line as well:


    Camtasia Relay
    Camtasia Studio

    Clip art examples

    Find them on-line



    Breakdown your outline with time stamps so you can tell yourself exactly how much time you can spend on each area. Run through your presentation with these time stamps in mind with a colleague or a very kind family member and see if these are on-point or astronomically incorrect.


    ASUG HQ is hoping to offer color cards in each room that you can utilize to help with your timing. You would ask someone to volunteer if they would be interested in timing you and hold up the color card at the minute mark below:


    45 Minute Session

    • Green card – 20 minute mark
    • Yellow card – 25 minute mark
    • Red card – 30 minute mark


    60 Minute Session

    • Green card – 35 minute mark
    • Yellow card – 40 minute mark
    • Red card – 45 minute mark

    Revisions of PowerPoint

    PowerPoints are due on Monday, April 5. Upload instructions can be found on the Speaker Resource Page. If changes need to be made after the presentation has been uploaded, please re-upload your presentation the same way you uploaded the original one. The newer version will automatically replace the older version. No changes will be accepted after May 3 as the presentations will be live for conference attendees.


    Room configurations
    A/V set up can be found on the Speaker Resource Page. Please remember to bring your own laptop as laptops will not be provided.


    On-site support


    The Speaker Ready Room will be in room 221 A-E in the Orange County Convention Center. Speakers are required to check in with ASUG Speaker Support at least one hour before their session.  There will be tables and power outlets in this room for speakers to practice their session, talk with ASUG Speaker Support Staff, or catch up on work. This is a room for speakers only.