2010 ASUG Speaker Development Webcast "Organizing your Presentation"

Version 2

    Well-organized presentations are helpful both to the speaker and attendee. A disorganized presentation is hard to understand, difficult to remember, may not seem credible and is definitely not enjoyable. That doesn’t sound like a session any of us would like to have! Attend this Webcast to apply some easy tools for organizing your presentation, from opening your session to closing it and everything in-between. You are the expert and all eyes will be on you and your presentation, feel organized and confident for a successful 2010 ASUG Annual Conference presentation.


    Speakers: Debbie Peake, SAP, Tammy Powlas, Fairfax Water, Beth Perry, ConAgra Foods and Amanda Fiesler, Caroline Wolk, Lara Brislin, ASUG HQ