Highly Rated 2009 ASUG Annual Conference Presentations

Version 3

    The following presentations are from the 2009 ASUG Annual Conference and are meant to provide you with examples of how to successfully organize and deliver your information on-site.


    Session 0107: “Delivering Key Metrics via SAP Enterprise Portal Using SAP Business Objects”
    This had a good demo and was very helpful; impressive stuff.



    Session 0307: “General Mills SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation 7.0, Version for SAP NetWeaver Ramp-Up Project & SAP NetWeaver BW EhP1 Upgrade Experience”
    This was a very informative session with excellent presenters. There was a lot of details and examples. This presentation will be a great source of reference material for customers installing BPCNW. It was an excellent example of sharing detailed info for other SAP BW customers. Good visibility to potential issues and planning considerations and good technical tips (notes, etc).



    Session 0601: “Using SAP RPM for Project, Permit and Grants Management in Local Government at Collier County”
    This was the perfect amount of data for the 1 hour time lot and found the presentation to be great. It was frank and relevant; I am glad I came to this session.  I understand RPM functionality from this presentation and also found it comprehensive and clean; very impressive.



    Session 1209: “Inside an SAP User’s Mind: Improving Effectiveness with Learning Capabilities”
    Comments: These presenters did a great job at providing attendees with actionable ideas. I learned a lot and found the information very useful. Great job!



    Session 1809: “Break Through in Automated Testing at Dow Corning”
    This was an excellent session. He was a knowledgeable presenter and presented very relevant information. I really loved the success story and enjoyed the session. The information shared has identified many answers to questions we have.