Back-of-the-Envelope Planning Questions for Influence Councils

Version 3

    Before approaching the development of a structured Influence Council Charter, we recommend that the SAP Product Manager and Customer Chair meet to discuss the goals of the Council and to sketch out requirements.  This initial "back of the envelope planning" session will help you rough-in initial details which you will then formalize within the Influence Council Charter, the document which must be presented to the ASUG Community.  


    1. What is the purpose in forming this Influence Council?
    2. Which ASUG Communities does this Council include?
    3. Who will be leading this Council?
          SAP Product Manager:
          Customer Chair:      
    4. When will the Council launch?
    5. How long will the Council be working? Ex: 3-6 months, 6-12 months
    6. How often will the Council be meeting virtually? Ex: Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly
    7. What solutions or processes are in scope?
    8. What solutions or processes are out of scope?
    9. What SAP background should the customer/participant have?
    10. What will this Council deliver to the Community? Ex: set of requirements, white papers, recommendations, etc.
    11. How will SAP close-the-loop with customers participating in the Council and in the larger ASUG community?
    12. How will the success of this Council be measured?